Sunday, 24 January 2016

Reminder about the Glow virtual learning environment

This is just a reminder about this very powerful tool which our youngsters can access from anywhere and from any computer, smartphone or tablet with an Internet connection.

Glow email
All pupils in the school possess a Glow email account which they should use for school work related messages or attachments, such as communicating with and sending work to teachers, saving documents, etc… If a pupil has forgotten their email address or password, they should ask staff who will be able to restore the settings.

Microsoft Office on-line
Through the Glow learning environment, all users have full access to Microsoft Office on-line which means that even if they don’t have Word or PowerPoint installed on their own machines, they can still read, edit, save or create documents as long as they’re on-line.

Glow groups
All secondary pupils belong to subject “Glow Groups”. A Glow group could be compared to a “virtual classroom”; it is a safe environment, password protected, which can only be accessed by “members” of the group.  Worksheets, past papers, PowerPoint presentations are stored as well as links to relevant websites. Glow groups are also used extensively by itinerant teachers to set work when there are transport delays.

Pupils can store up to a huge 1TB* of school data on the OneDrive which they can access from any
electronic device with an Internet connection . There, they can also create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Here are tips on how to use the OneDrive:

For more details you can visit the Education Scotland website by clicking on:

*1 terabyte represents the equivalent of about 200,000 digital photos at high resolution…

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