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S1/2 BIRSAY TRIP (Aug.2016)

Outdoor Education trip to Birsay
On the 24th August the S1’s and Philip went to Birsay. When we arrived we had a tour of the building from Matt, Anna and Chris (our instructors).Then we went outside to play the name game and the hoop game to learn each other’s names and bond. After that we went rock climbing and abseiling at Yesnaby. We went home and ate sausages, tatties and beans outside. After tea we went to the beach. The first night was quite awkward as we didn’t know each other. The next day we were woken up at 7 o’clock and proceeded to eat breakfast. After that we got our packed lunches ready and the instructors came and told us what we were doing. Then we did a circuit of team building activities and archery. Later on we went coasteering which is basically jumping off rocks into the sea. We went back home and we had mince, tatties and cabbage. After tea we did a scavenger hunt in teams. At around 8:00 Kay and Findlay who are career advisors, came to talk to us about careers. That night was a lot better as we laughed lots. Friday was fun. In the morning we got a lie in. Then we had the decision of whether to go raft building or canoeing. We chose canoeing. Then we had to go and tidy our rooms and get ready for canoeing. When we started canoeing it was raining. We canoed for 2 and half hours. Half way there the sun came out and we did Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and the Grand Old Duke of York. When we finished canoeing we went back and ate lunch then we went to the boat.

by Elizabeth & Philip


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