Thursday, 22 February 2018

Our brown trout eggs are hatching!

Johnny and Jamie noticed today that there seemed to be less and less ova visible on the mesh tray in the tank... We discovered why just before dinner when we realised that they had all pretty much hatched and found their way under stones and gravel just like they would in the wild, to keep away from predators and strong currents.
The boys used a small waterproof action-camera to record the first moments of those little trout's lives! It was a good opportunity for them to learn how to use Movie Maker and edit their video.
Here's the one that Jamie made earlier...

Thursday, 1 February 2018

To Infinity and Beyond...

I received this message from Mrs Groat this evening asking me kindly to post this Youtube video on our blog:

"We are just finishing up our "To Infinity and Beyond" topic in primary and the pupils were all fascinated by a youtube clip that we shared with them, they watched it repeatedly and were totally astounded by what they saw and how it made them feel.  We thought it would be great if this link was on the blog so that parents had the opportunity to view it too."

So, here we go:

“Troot in the Shed 2018”

I’m glad to say that our mini-hatchery project is running again at the Stronsay School for the 7th year! For this session, most of the supervision of the ova and maintenance of the equipment will be covered by Jamie and Johnny; they also attend the AFYD (Angling For Youth Development) classes and their interest and expertise in “trouty” matters will insure the project is a success! The fertilised ova were delivered last week and so far, only 3 dead eggs have been removed. They were probably ova which became damaged during collection at the hatchery or even during transport in the thermos flask on-board the Loganair Islander during a particularly bumpy flight last Friday! The set-up for our hatchery remains very similar to the one used in the previous years (dark shed with no heating source). However, the old hand-made tank gave up the ghost at the end of the 2016 session and we are very grateful to the Stronsay Development Trust for funding a replacement for our equipment (new tank, pumps and nets). More photos and posts to come as the ova develop…
For more details regarding the "Troot in the Shed Project", why don't you visit its dedicated blog by clicking on: