Friday, 26 April 2019

What's on this week (29/04/2019)

Monday, 29 April
·         Steve Bunning here
·         Lee-Anne Gray here
·         Piano lessons start again

Tuesday, 30 April
·         Nat 5 Biology Exam 13.00
·         Film Club:  Grave of the Fireflies (89 min.)

           Wednesday, 1 May
·         Mr King away
·         Swim Club

Thursday, 2 May
·         Transition Day (Nursery/Primary/P7)
·         Swim Club

           Friday, 3 May
·         Nat 5 Maths Exam 9/10.45
·         Nat 5 Practical Woodworking exam 14.00

Stronsay pupils release trout in the Meikle Water (April 5th, 2019)

The sun was out and the Meikle Water was flat as a mill pond when the day had come to release the trout alevins hatched in the school shed between February and April.
Jamie was in charge of "Troot in the Shed" this year and he managed to successfully run the project with minimal loss! The eggs and fry were checked on a daily basis as it is critical to remove any casualties from the tank before the water quality starts degrading. The simple set-up we have in school doesn't allow us to feed the fry once their yolk-sacs have been reabsorbed, so they need to be released without delay.
However, one can ‘t just hatch any fish and release them in the wild… We have to go through a very strict application process and submit our paperwork to Marine Scotland who will consider several criteria such as the species and size of fish, the origin of the broodstock, the receiving water, etc… If Marine Scotland consider the introduction as safe, we get issued with a « stocking consent » which allows us to proceed.
So, with the « stocking consent » in the bag,  Jamie, John and Mr Pietri walked to the loch on the last day of term and carefully released about a hundred unfed fry into the Meikle Water. Mrs Rose had generously provided us with fine mesh nets and trays to sample the bottom of the loch for invertebrates and mollusks which the trout might come to feed on at some point... Food was scarce, so early in the season, but there’s no doubt the fry will grow into very healthy brown trout!

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Fractions, decimal fractions and percentage (S1)

Fractions, decimal fractions and percentage (S1)      25/04/19
Today in maths we have started a new topic which is:
Fractions, decimals and percentage.

Our learning intention is:
"I am learning to convert fractions, decimal fractions and percentage into equivalent fractions, decimals fractions or percentage."

The first thing that we did into today’s lesson was estimating percentages on circles and rectangles. We did this on Mrs Rose’s PowerPoint.  There were little games that the computer would give us a percentage and we have to guess where about it would be on the circle or rectangle.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Fun 5z Netball

The Northlink P6/7 Primary league came to a conclusion on Sat 30th March at the Picky Centre. Stronsay Limpets (Lewis, Melvin, Sam, Dorothy and Millie) played extremely well over all four games, resulting in a fantastic 2nd place in the league overall. Well done to you all! Thank you very much to SOS who funded the travel and fees over the season – it is much appreciated and would not be possible without this help.

JRSO trip to Whitehall Village

On Monday 1st April 2019 the JRSOs did a Primary trip to Whitehall Village.JRSO stands for Junior Road Safety Officers, who are a small group of kids who teach their peers/younger children how to be safe on the road. Since the younger ones had been doing a lot on being seen, crossing roads etc.We thought it would be cool to do a trip for them so we could actually do what they had learned. While we were walking we had to cross roads a few times.So,we reminded everyone to stay at the kerb and STOP, LOOK, LISTEN!Which includes stopping at the kerb, looking right, left, and right again and listening for traffic.Most people said they enjoyed it, (although it looked like they all did) and had fun. As we walked we had some stops and did discussions on the signs we saw,the bad corners and other things.We think altogether it was a great trip.