Friday, 27 September 2019

What's on this week (30/09/2019)

30 Sept.–4 Oct.

Monday, 30 Sept.

·         Edinburgh trip begins (A. Pietri, D. Blyth, J. Barber away+8 secondary)

·         Lee-Anne Gray here

Tuesday, 1 Oct.

Wednesday, 2 Oct.

·         Cooke Aquaculture visitors here

Thursday, 3 Oct.

Friday, 4 Oct.

·         Edinburgh participants back in school

Friday, 20 September 2019

What's on this week (23/09/2019)

23–27 Sept.

Monday, 23 Sept.

·         Mr King away

·         D. Blyth away

·         Cooke Aquaculture reps. here

Tuesday, 24 Sept.

Wednesday, 25 Sept.

·         Steve away/Colin here

Thursday, 26 Sept.

·         Kay Hume (careers) here

·         P. Rose away

Friday, 27 Sept.

Stronsay School Pupils' Artwork display at the Pier Arts Centre

We received this message from Carol Dunbar, Learning & Engagement Programme Manager at the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness:

(...) we are currently putting up a display of the work that the Stronsay pupils did during the two workshops at the end of last term. The work will be on display from Saturday 21 September until Friday 18 Oct – which hopefully gives enough time for folks to come to Stromness and see their work. There will be a bit of social media on our Facebook page (...)

Carol Dunbar
Learning & Engagement Programme Manager

The Pier Arts Centre
Victoria Street
KW16 3AA

Friday, 13 September 2019

What's on this week (16th Sept./ 20th Sept.)

                                                                        16–20 Sept. 

 Monday, 16 Sept. 

 · Steve Bunning here
 · Lee Anne Gray here
 · Gaynor away

 Tuesday, 17 Sept. 

 · S. Evans away (course)
 · Graham Bevan here for auxiliary interviews

 Wednesday, 18 Sept. 

 · Anne Harrison here
 · S.Evans away
 · Yvonne away
 · Catherine Johnson here am

 Thursday, 19 Sept. 

 · Safe Islander trip (S1/2, P. Rose, C. Knox)

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Cloud chamber & Alpha particles

We had Dr Alexander McKinnon in school today talking about types of radiation from space. He had a really informative presentation about radiation and particle research and he even brought over his cloud chamber to demonstrate the alpha particles produced from a welding rod. We could see the cloud tracks made in the chamber as each particle passed through it. We also managed to see a few background beta particles as well.


Friday, 6 September 2019

What's on this week (9/09/2019)

9/09/2019 - 13/09/2019
Monday, 9 Sept.
·         Science Festival workshops:
            Dr Alec Mackinnon: Radiation and Space
            Bill Graham: DNA and Butterflies
Tuesday, 10 Sept.
·         Fluoride  treatment and talks with Nursery, LP, UP
·         Non-teaching  staff meeting
           Wednesday, 11 Sept.
·         D. Blyth (course)
·         Science Festival workshops: Radiation and cars
·         Catherine Johnson here (am) (?)

Thursday, 12 Sept.
·         D. Blyth away
·         Hands Up survey
·         Primary online course
·         NHS school nurses here/information table/P1 screening/drop-in sessions
             Friday, 13 Sept.
·         D. Blyth away