Friday, 22 June 2018

The Wizard of Oz (Pupil report and slideshow)

The Wizard of Oz

The nursery and primary pupils and the staff of Stronsay school recently put on a production of “The Wizard of Oz”.  They have been working very hard on it for over four months as their primary class project.  The show took place on Saturday 2nd of June 2018 at 6 pm in the school hall.  Over one hundred people were present in the audience.
Way back in January the primary pupils all watched the film version of Wizard of Oz, and they loved it.  After that they all read through the script which helped them all to decide which parts they would like.  All of the pupils auditioned for at least two parts. The teachers watched the audition tapes and allocated roles.
After that they repeatedly rehearsed their lines and they practised getting into character. They also practised the songs and chose the lines where the characters sang their solos. Meanwhile Gaynor, Barbara and Mrs Evans started making costumes and props. The cast and teachers worked on improving the script. The three new pupils that arrived (The Dailys) were given roles at the last minute. They worked very hard, doing a perfect job!
Lots of staff and visitors helped put the show together and to make it happen. As the day got nearer the pupils put together three long to do lists. Some people set up the stage, painted the scenery and made some final touches to costumes and props. Soon it was the dress rehearsal which the secondaries and teachers seemed to enjoy. The next day it was the real performance which some people found nerve-racking but most found exciting. After all the hard work, everyone felt proud and a sense of achievement. The show was very well received. Thanks to everyone for coming to support the show and SOS. It has created many lasting memories!!
One of the funny moments was when the Wicked Witch of the West (Lilly) threw her burning torch at the Scarecrow (Melvin) but it accidentally landed in Dorothy's basket. The second funny moment was when the witch wailed, "I'm still melting!" as she was waiting for the music to stop! Another little mistake which was amusing was when Dorothy (Millie) went to oil the Tin Man (Sam) but could not find the can so decided to mime. Lion (Wilbur) came to the rescue with the real prop! Also, in the dress rehearsal, Lion had a bit of a bad mane day and threw it off stage.

By P4-7 pupils

Friday, 1 June 2018

Primary Athletics at Picky (31st May)

Six upper primary pupils attended the 2018 Primary Athletics at Picky. Their hard work paid off, as they returned with 4 gold medals for 9-10 cricket ball (Lewis), 9-10 shot putt (Dorothy), 9-10 High jump (Millie) and 11-12 shot putt (Aimee C). They were blessed with a beautiful day and were all great competitors as well as an asset to their school and island - well done everyone! Special thanks to Miss Elson and all the other organisers, officials and volunteers who helped out.

Mrs Dennison