Monday, 28 March 2016

Scottish Dancing

This is a video from the Scottish Dancing that we have been practising.  Primary have been coming together to work on this once a week all term, sometimes with Nursery coming to visit.  Doris has been coming into the school to help, she and Gaynor have been exceptional teachers!  The children have really enjoyed taking part.  We can't wait for our next dance night now.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Spinning, the Viking way...

Simone came in last week to teach us how to spin with a drop spindle. She brought some washed fleece in for us, some of which was North Ronaldsay wool. Drop spindles pre-date the spinning wheel so were used by the Vikings. During our topic all of the primary children have had a chance to dye fabric using natural materials and fixatives, they have also had a go at felting. Some of the children have been using the wool we spun today to practise some weaving. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

SOS Stronsay Concert photos and video (12/03/2016)

On Saturday 12th March, the SOS concert took place at Stronsay Community Centre. The Lower Primary gave a fantastically entertaining performance of The Gruffalo. Primary pupils also sang Dance to your Daddy (with fiddle accompaniment), Doris’ Cheesy Crackers (with Doris’ very own crackers to accompany!) and The Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede. There were also performances from Stronsay’s Silver Darlings, SOS Singers, Ingram, Mike & Leah amongst others. There were refreshments and a raffle during the interval. Erynn and James did a great job of compering the evening. 

Almost £500 has been raised for the school. Heartfelt thanks and well done to you all!   


Thank you for the photos Mrs Dennison!

What's on this week (14/03/2016)

Friday, 11 March 2016

Primary trip to the Sanday school (7/03/2016)

On Monday 7th March both Lower Primary and Upper Primary visited Sanday School and Sanday’s Heritage Centre. We arrived by boat and got buses to the School. We all got coloured labels which represented our groups. In the morning and after break we did 3 activities. With Mrs Evans we played some parachute games and got to know each other more. With Mrs Muir we did an invisible, shark-infested maze activity to increase our coordination and to show our teamwork and skill to help others. Then with Mrs Jones we built a block tower around one of the little ones to test our skill of teamwork. For the first five minutes we were not allowed to speak so we had to try to communicate some other way. After we had our lunch we split into age groups and did two separate activities. The older group joined with the S1/2 and pretended we were in Brazil growing oranges. The whole point was to gain enough money to keep your family, property and bills under control and paid for. We sold our oranges for money but sometimes the prices would rise or fall. As well as that, we had to pay the ‘tax collectors’ but their prices rose as well! It was very difficult. We could ask the ‘loan sharks’ for money but that was not the best choice. The younger group stayed outside exploring trees. They found a lot of pine cones. At the end of the school day we got buses and went to the Heritage Centre. In the Heritage Centre were a lot of cool, ancient objects like a replica of the Scar Burial Plaque! There were also a lot of preserved bones. I found the Archaeology section the best. Outside the Centre was the Croft house and The Burnt Mound of Muir. We got a tour inside the Croft. There were lots of old fashioned objects like the piggy bottle, the box bed and the water carrier. We explored the Burnt Mound of Muir and got a really good picture with us all in it. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. We said our thanks to Sylvia Thorne for showing us around the Centre. We got buses once again back to the pier to catch the boat. Everyone enjoyed the Sanday trip and would love to visit again. 
 Written by Joshua 
 (Stronsay Junior High School)