Monday, 25 February 2019

What's on this week (25/02/2019)

Monday, 25th Feb. 

· G.S (and John) away all week
· Jennifer away 
· Lee-Anne Gray (Nursery) here
 · Alan Tait (Safety) here
 · PRD Cate (Period 6)

 Tuesday, 26th Feb. 

· Jennifer away
 · Sanday Primary (P5–7) here
 · P7 NHS screening
 · PRD Holly (Period 5)
 · Football skills club (15.15-16.30)

 Wednesday, 27th Feb. 

· Sarah away
 · Swim Club

 Thursday, 28th Feb. 

 · PRD Wendy (15.30)
 · Swim Club

 Friday, 1 March 

 · Secondary (9.15-12.10) CPR and Defib. with Sarah Stevenson in the hall
 · PRD Wayne (Period 1)

Stronsay School - Anti-bullying policy

Friday, 22 February 2019

5G lines and guidelines

Please find the technical information on the 5G project and H&S guidelines. The minimum distance from the antenna to be safe is 2metres according to ICNIRP guidelines. The antenna is the cylinder at the top of the mast which is above the height of the sports hall roof. The maximum level of signal measured in the playground is 0.6V/m very significantly lower than the maximum allowed safe level at the frequency being used at the school (773MHz). The maximum safe level is 37V/m. In other areas of the school that were measured the levels are even lower than 0.6V/m.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

What's on this week (18/02/19)

Monday, 18th Feb. 

 · Holiday

Tuesday, 19th Feb. 

 · Gaynor (and John) away all week
·  Mr King away
· STEM club

Wednesday, 20th Feb. 

· Mr King away
· Swim Club

Thursday, 21st Feb. 

· S. Bunning here

Friday, 22nd Feb.

Friday, 8 February 2019

What's on this week (February 11th 2019)

11–15  February
Monday, 11th Feb.
·       G.S (and John) away all week
·       Music Theory class for P6/7 starts

Tuesday, 12th Feb.
·       Sanday Primary 1–4 here
·       Film club (My Neighbour Totoro, 86 min.)
Wednesday, 13th Feb.
·       Mr. King away
·       S4 reports on GLOW
·       Swim Club

Thursday, 14th Feb.
·       In-Service Day
Friday, 15th Feb.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Message from Ewan K Kennedy, Promotion & Student Facilities Officer.

"As part of Scottish Apprenticeship 2019, Orkney College UHI and DYW Orkney are organising an apprenticeship information event at the Overblikk at Orkney College
This will take place on Wednesday 6th March and will be held 4-5pm, with tea, coffee and baking available.
The event will provide information on all types of apprenticeship available in Orkney – Foundation, Modern and Graduate. We also intend to have current apprentices and former apprentices talk a little bit about their experiences.  The aim being to inform parents and pupils in attendance of the benefits of each type of apprenticeship and what makes them distinct from one another."

Ewan K Kennedy| Promotion & Student Facilities Officer

University of the Highlands and Islands |Orkney College UHI | East Road | Kirkwall | Orkney | KW15 1LX

Tel: +44 (0)1856  569351|Website | Facebook | Twitter

Accordion donation

Elspeth Middleton donated a small accordion to nursery. The children have had so much fun with it already.
Thank you Elspeth!

 Please, if you have any instruments you no longer require, the nursery children will always be happy to use them!