Wednesday, 29 January 2014

"Troot in the Shed 2014" at the Stronsay School.

The Lower Primary pupils

Around 150 brown trout ova arrived by plane on Stronsay this morning and after a presentation on the trout life cycle, the Secondary 2 pupils helped to transfer the eggs into the tank.
Following a quick check, we noticed that 4 eggs were already turning opaque instead of the usual healthy clear orange and it was decided to remove them to prevent fungus from developing. They must have been shocked during their journey from the Kirbister Loch hatchery to Stronsay.
Then, the Upper Primary and the Lower Primary children also had an introduction to the project and visited the mini-hatchery where hopefully, in a few weeks, alevins will have hatched…
More to come as our ova develop!
For more details, you can visit the "Troot in the Shed" blog by clicking on:

Mr P.