Friday, 20 March 2020

Stronsay School Sport Relief

Stronsay School Sport Relief 

During February and March 2020 our school took part in Sport Relief. This year the primary and secondary pupils did a sponsored swim and the daily mile challenge.
The sponsored swim took place at the Stronsay swimming pool on the 18th of February. Both the upper primary and the secondary pupils contributed. The total amount of money raised was an amazing £165, kindly donated from family and friends of the pupils.
The daily mile challenge was held on the netball court at the back of the school and was from the 9th to the 13th of March. Primary attempt the daily mile each day either in the mornings or after lunch, but this week was a little bit more special as we counted our laps and secondaries joined us for a few of the days. The average amount of individual laps each day was around 18 laps which is 1 mile. The primary total came to 1706 laps which is almost 95 miles!! Most primary pupils also kept track of how active they were in and out of school on a chart.
The nursery also took part over the week by having an egg and spoon race, an obstacle course, musical statues and hide and seek. The nurseries raised £42 and Hannah Johnston won half of this.
Also in the staff guessing competition £20 was raised and Mr King won half of that.
We would like to say thank you to everyone involved and thank you for reading this.

By Millie Dennison and Liam Daily

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Message from the "School Health Team"


We have put together a list of websites for young people S1-S6 to help support positive mental health during this particularly difficult time. We would be grateful if these could be put on your website and that young people are signposted to this prior to the schools closing if possible.
We are available via phone and email currently so are open for any questions or support as required.

Many Thanks,
School Health Team
Health Centre | The Balfour | Foreland Road | Kirkwall | KW15 1NZ
Tel: (01856) 888262 Email:

Friday, 13 March 2020

What's on this week (16/03/2020)

Monday, 16 March
·         Option Meetings S3/4s
·         Secondary Football

Tuesday, 17 March
·         Non-teaching staff meeting
·         Film Club (2 hrs)

Wednesday, 18 March
·         Teaching staff meeting

Thursday, 19 March
·         Steve Bunning here

Friday, 20 March

Friday, 6 March 2020

What's on this week (9/03/2020)

Monday, 9 March
·         Inga Gilmore here (nursery)
·         Sport Relief activity week starts
·          Primary Football

Tuesday, 10 March
·          Mr King away
·         Mrs Blyth away
·         STEM Club

Wednesday, 11 March
·          D. Blyth away
·         C. Knox away

Thursday, 12 March
·         Catherine Johnston here
·         D. Blyth away

Friday, 13 March

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Job Vacancy - Administrative Assistant, Stronsay (ORK04025 )

Sport Relief Swimming Challenge

Good morning As part of Sport Relief, upper primary and secondary pupils took part in a sponsored swim during PE recently. While we are still awaiting a total, I would like to thank your for your support and say a big well done to those who took part. We will let you know the final amount raised in due course. Sport Relief itself runs next week, from 9th to 13th March, and we are planning for pupils to think about and record the amount of physical activity they do across the week, with the hope they will increase it and enjoy it too! This includes any activity done out of school time as well obviously, so we would appreciate lots of encouragement from home. Let's hope this good weather continues! 
Kind regards 

Mairi Dennison

Monday, 2 March 2020

What's on this week (2nd March)

2–6 March

Monday, 2 March
·         Anne Harrison here
·         P1-4 trip to Sanday
·         PRD Christine, Period 7
·         PRD Mairi, 3.45
·         Secondary Football

Tuesday, 3 March
·         PRD Yvonne, Period 6
·         PRD Catherine, Period 7
·         Film Club (1 hr. 31 min.)

Wednesday, 4 March
·         Mr King away

Thursday, 5 March
·         Mr King away
·         Nat 5 Music Performance Exam

Friday, 6 March
·       Mr King away