Sunday, 16 December 2018

What's on this week (17/12/18)


Monday, 17th  Dec.
·C. Evans away

Tuesday, 18th Dec.
· STEM club

Wednesday, 19th Dec.
· Early lunch (12.30)
· Christmas Party 1.30-3

Thursday, 20th Dec.
·  Last day of term 2

Friday, 7 December 2018

What's on this week (10th December 2018)

Week beginning 10th December

Monday, 10th  Dec.
- Lee Anne Gray here (Nursery)

Tuesday, 11th Dec.
- Steve Bunning here
- Film Club: Laputa Castle in the Sky (125 min.)

Wednesday, 12th Dec.
-Primary Development Day?
- V. Leslie in school ?

Thursday, 13th Dec.
- Christmas Jumper Day
- School Christmas Dinner

Friday, 14th Dec.
- Early Lunch (12.30)
- Christmas Assembly (1.45)

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Christmas Jumper Day (13th December 2018)

Christmas Jumper Day
The Secondary Pupil Parliament is excited about Christmas Jumper Day on the 13th of December 2018. Children will be able to come into school wearing their favourite Christmas jumpers. If you don’t have any Christmas jumpers then don’t worry! You can also wear something sparkly as well! Or you could even make your own Christmas jumper! We hope to make some money for Save The Children and donations would be GREATLY appreciated.

Fraser Stout on behalf of the Pupil Parliament

Friday, 30 November 2018

What's on this week (3/12/18)

3 – 7 December 

 Monday, 3rd Dec. 
 · M.Dennison and W. Groat away
 · Mr King away
 · Carol Atkins (SALT) here

 Tuesday, 4th Dec. 
 · W. Groat away
 · STEM Club

 Wednesday, 5th Dec.
 · Mr King away
 · Mrs Weaver away
 · Sally Walker (librarian) here
 · Pupil Parliament (period 5)
 · Postponed Secondary Parent Meetings
 · Final Swim Club for term

 Thursday, 6th Dec.
 · Mr King away
 · Final Swim Club for term

 Friday, 7th Dec. 
 · S. Evans away

 Saturday, 8th Dec.
-Tree Lighting Event

Letter to parents (30th November 2018)

Friday, 23 November 2018

Maths challenge certificates

This year's recipients of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Maths Challenge certificates:

What's on this week (26/11/2018)

Monday, 26th Nov.

·       Bruce Pilkington here

·       James Wylie here

·       PT interviews 10-noon

·       S1/2 play rehearsal 3.15-5 pm

Tuesday, 27th Nov.

·       Anne Harrison here

·       S1/2 Performance: A Game of Soldiers 1.45-3 pm

·       Film Club: Kiki’s Delivery Service (103 min.)

Wednesday, 28th Nov.

·       Mr Hodgson (art teacher) starts today

·       Primary and Secondary 1-3 parent meetings

·       No Swim Club

Thursday, 29th Nov.

·       S4 parent meetings

·       Swim Club

Friday, 30th Nov.

·       Mrs Evans away

A word of advice from our JRSOs