Thursday, 28 May 2015

S4 fishing trip to the Mainland

Here are just a few pictures from the S4 trout fishing trip to the Mainland (27 & 28 May), before a more comprehensive post, including video footages of monster trout!

Photo - James Macleod

Photo - James Macleod

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Longhope Gala Results

S4 involved in the Book Selection for 2016-17 Bookbug Bags in Scotland.

Recently S4 students were given the opportunity to take part in helping decide which books would go into the Bookbug Explorer Bags. These bags are given out to children aged 3 in their ante-preschool year and are handed out at nursery.  There are three books in each bag and every child in Scotland receives one bag with the same three books.

The S4 students were presented with forty books and had to choose their top five. The stories they chose had to appeal to three year olds and at the same time encourage families to read together. They also had to take into account different reading abilities within families across Scotland.

After discussion, laughter and reminiscings of their own childhood books, five books were chosen. The chosen 5 books will be submitted to a Book Selection Panel from the Scottish Book Trust; the Panel will receive submissions from other participants also. The Panel will then select from the submissions which three will go forward to be included in the Bookbag for 3 year olds.
 This was a great opportunity for our S4 take part in a National decision. We will have to see if any of their chosen five appear in the final three.

The nursery will also be gifted all forty lovely books for their own use. 

Mrs Barber