Monday, 23 November 2020

Art Rocks (November 2020)

Lower Primary made it to the beach last week, it was a little windy and cold but thankfully dry! We got our imaginations warmed up by lying on the beach and doing a little cloud gazing, looking for shapes that reminded us of faces, dolphins and unicorns. We even made up little stories for these characters. We then headed for the rocks and searched for some with natural features that reminded us of faces, human and animal. Taking some clay, we worked to enhance these features working to make details such as eyebrows, teeth and noses. Then it was time to go gathering and collect seaweed and shells etc. to add our finishing touches to our characters. Using the ipad we captured images of our creations and used an app to help bring them alive - take a look at our video to see what we created!


Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Work for week beginning 1st June

Since no work was returned by any pupils last week in French, the following tasks are the ones originally set for last week: