Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Trip to the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness (5/10/2016)

On Wednesday the 5th of October S3&4 and some of the community art class went to the Pier Art Centre on a trip organised by our art teacher Mrs Brown. We travelled on the boat to Kirkwall then we drove through Stromness to go to the Pier Art Centre. We met the education officer, Carol Dunbar who gave us a tour of the gallery and focused on Still Life paintings to tie in with the coursework that we are doing in class. Some of the artists whose work was featured in the centre were Ben Nicholson, William Scott, Alfred Wallis and Barbra Hepworth. After the tour, we had a workshop activity based on Still Life. Our first step was to find a Still Life painting and then write about the visual elements, we spoke about what we found in the paintings and our thoughts on it. After this activity we moved on upstairs to the library to make a collage of Still Life objects, we used mixed media including paper and magazine cuttings. It was a really worthwhile trip because it gave us inspiration for our own artwork in school and most of us had never been there before.
We managed to go on this trip because of funding from the S.O.S, which we really appreciated!
Ben, Erynn, Charlie, Sonya

The Nursery Mud Kitchen!

In the summer holidays Steve made a mud kitchen for nursery. We grew carrots and radishes to use in the recipes that we created. Yvonne made us wooden bacon, eggs and toast, we served up spaghetti on toast for snack. The mud and carrot pie was great!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Inter-school badminton festival (5/10/2016)

Stronsay's new community defibrillator

A defibrillator has been very generously donated to the island  by the Orkney Heart Support Group and is currently at the school. As soon as funds allow for the purchase of a suitable container, the school aims to put the defibrillator outside for easy public access.