Thursday, 2 October 2014

Fidgety Fish - The Movie (by the Lower Primary pupils)

Lower primary made this animation during the week that celebrated Global Maritime Day.  Mrs. Evans chose it because it was set at sea!  It was a chance to use lots of technology: cameras, microphones and Moviemaker software. 

We designed our own characters and used fabric, paper, ribbons to decorate the sea setting.  Lower Primary’s favourite bit was when Fidgety Fish does the loop the loop; we used cotton wool balls for the bubbles.

We worked together to move the characters; Amber explains that if “we move stuff and change different things a little bit it would look like it was moving.”  Lower Primary were also very good at taking turns and helping each other.  

We made different mouths for Tiddler’s mum, to make her look as though she was talking.  Dan liked the way we made it funny, “like The Big Fish burping!” and his tummy rumbling about by moving the spots around. 

We had a great time making this film and we hope you enjoy watching it!

The Lower Primary class