Tuesday, 23 April 2019

JRSO trip to Whitehall Village

On Monday 1st April 2019 the JRSOs did a Primary trip to Whitehall Village.JRSO stands for Junior Road Safety Officers, who are a small group of kids who teach their peers/younger children how to be safe on the road. Since the younger ones had been doing a lot on being seen, crossing roads etc.We thought it would be cool to do a trip for them so we could actually do what they had learned. While we were walking we had to cross roads a few times.So,we reminded everyone to stay at the kerb and STOP, LOOK, LISTEN!Which includes stopping at the kerb, looking right, left, and right again and listening for traffic.Most people said they enjoyed it, (although it looked like they all did) and had fun. As we walked we had some stops and did discussions on the signs we saw,the bad corners and other things.We think altogether it was a great trip.

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