Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Health & Wellbeing targets

As you may be aware, each year across the school there are usually whole school targets set in Health and Wellbeing. These always have a specific focus and may cover the period of a school year or be for a longer period of eighteen months. In the past we have focused on: pupil resilience, taking responsibility for your own learning and taking part in physical activity on a daily basis.

This year’s focus is “Contributing to your Class, School and Community”. With this in mind all pupils will set an individual target related to this, for example many pupils in S1 and 2 have related their targets to Pupil Parliament and taking on roles within this context. However there are obviously many other opportunities to contribute, which occur on a daily basis around the school. The coming week (Week beginning 12th November) is the promotion of our health and wellbeing targets and a board will be created in the porch to allow us to share how our pupils are successfully contributing to their classes, school and community.

Staff will use any opportunities that arise to talk to the pupils about their contributions and to flag up areas where they have given a valuable contribution. We would also like to invite the community to share in this and give us examples of ways in which they have seen our pupils contributing to the community of Stronsay; you can leave comments on this post. It is hoped that the board in the porch will grow in the coming terms with photos and pieces of work highlighting the pupils’ positive contributions to class, school and community.

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