Friday, 9 November 2018

Northlink Competition

Congratulations to Melvin Holland in P6, runner-up in a recent writing competition run by Northlink Ferries. P6/7 pupils in Orkney and Shetland were asked to write '5 Reasons why Orkney is Great'. He received a fantastic goody bag for his efforts. Very well done, Melvin!

5 Reasons why Orkney is Great!
1. Eyecatching Landmarks: There are loads of eye-catching landmarks
in Orkney that you must not miss! Such as Maeshowe or Skara Brae
(Mainland), Vat of Kirbuster (Stronsay), Knap of Howar (Papa
Westray) or Vinquoy Cairn (Eday). There is also the North
Ronaldsay Lighthouse (North Ronaldsay).

2. Astounding beaches: The beaches in Orkney are incredible! There is
St Catherine’s Bay (Stronsay), Bay of London (Eday) and Rackwick
Bay (Hoy). A bit further out to sea is where the great Orkney
fishermen catch our 5-star seafood!

3. Lush Orkney food: As well as seafood we have clapshot (neep and
tattie/potato mixed). We also have crazily succulent Orkney fudge
which is too yummy not to buy while you are visiting Orkney! Same
with creamy Orkney ice-cream. Here are my top three flavours:
Peach Melba, Orkney fudge and toffee and Lemon curd!

4. Lovely nature: If you are visiting Orkney to do some nature spotting
the best places in Orkney are: Castle o’Burrian (Westray) where you
can see puffins. In Stronsay (where I live) we have our own top
notch bird expert, John Holloway! Also Lamb Head and Vat of
Kirbuster (Stronsay) are great places to spot nature! Hoy if you like
snow and climbing huge hills and mountains – Hoy is a splendid place
for that!

5. Pickaquoy Centre and Ferries: We have a great leisure and sports
centre on the Mainland where you can swim, climb, compete in
athletics and other amazing activities! Also the ferries are amazing.
We have Varagen, Earl Thorfinn and Earl Sigurd which travel to
Kirkwall, Eday, Stronsay, Sanday and Westray. My dad does J
Holland Haulage so he uses them a lot! There are the Hrossey,
Hamnavoe and Hjaltland (pronounced yatland). The Hamnavoe goes
from Stromness to Scrabster and the Hjaltland and Hrossey go
from Kirkwall to Aberdeen to Kirkwall to Lerwick (Shetland) and

back to Kirkwall.


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