Thursday, 21 April 2016

War Memorial Condition Survey (20/04/2016)

On the 20th of April the S3’s went outside in a History lesson with Mrs Barber. We were asked to contribute to a survey from the Historic England Education Team.  Our job was to assess the condition of the War Memorial on Stronsay as part of a national survey on war memorials. For the centenary of the First World War, Historic England Education Team are running a programme to help raise awareness of our nation’s war memorials and ensure as many of them as possible are  in good condition by 2018.
We were sent pages with questions to fill in about the condition and whereabouts of our war memorial. Some questions involved what the memorial was made out of and the type of lettering they used to write the soldiers names.  We then had to put the information we had just found out on their website to update the records for Stronsay.

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