Thursday, 14 April 2016

Viking activities and ... Viking feast!

Here are some photos from our visit to St Catherine's beach today with upper and lower primary (although only 2 of lower primary due to illness mostly).  We re-enacted the Sanday scar burial and used materials from the beach to represent the burial goods (the big orange basket was supposed to represent the shield - it was the only large round thing we could find).  We then had a carousel of three activities:  drawing memorial stones with runes and pictures, playing a Viking board game using natural materials as pieces and beach archaeology using grid references and careful searching to reveal Viking artefacts.

There are also pictures from a Viking feast we had earlier in the week.  On the menu was milk or non-alcoholic mead, soda bread, cottage cheese, honey, butter, beef stew with carrots, parsnips and leaks and for dessert we had oatcake with jam and stewed fruit.  There are pictures of Lower Primary cooking the food and of Upper, Lower Primary and Nursery feasting together with the table set up as a longship and our model longships decorating the tables.  Mikey said, ' made us feel like Viking gods!'. I think that meant he enjoyed it.

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