Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Travelling art gallery trip report and photos (24/09/2015)

The Travelling Art Gallery School Trip

On Thursday the 24th of September S1 – S3 and Molly, (because she is doing National 5 in Art) went to Kirkwall for an art trip to visit the traveling gallery, which was at the Picky Centre. The bus included art from Scottish artists who had been nominated for the Turner Prize. It travels around Scotland for several months.  The exhibition was called “Eyes on the Prize”.  The bus is owned and managed by the Scottish Arts Council.

We took the boat with Mrs Rose and Miss Deavin, when we arrived we walked to the Library to meet our art teacher, Mrs Brown. It was a lovely day for a school trip.

Then we walked to the Picky Centre to eat lunch then went to the gallery which was parked by the Picky Centre. On the outside of the bus was a big picture by the artist Mike Inglis.

There was lots of amazing art inside and it was very interesting.

Charlie – My favourites were the Metal Box (Blinded By The Light) by Jim Lambie and Spiral by Douglas Gordon. I like the first one because I like the bright colours and the other one because it’s different to art I’ve seen before.

Sonya – My favourites was the Metal Box (Blinded By The Light) by Jim Lambie, Things I associate with you by Ciara Phillips and Bone by David Shrigley. I like the first one because I like the colours and the way he has folded it, also the materials he used. I like the second one because of the different textures. I like the bone because he made it for a joke, it’s not serious and he’s left his hand print where he was holding it.

The gallery guide said that they will attempt to come over to Stronsay when they are on their next tour around Scotland, which would be fantastic for our community.

By Charlie and Sonya, S3

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