Friday, 18 September 2015

Geobus Trip & STEM club


On the 2nd September the whole of Secondary made a visit to Geobus. The event was hosted by KGS.
Geobus is a free educational outreach project for schools developed and run by the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews.

GeoBus is available to visit all secondary schools in all educational authorities around Scotland. Teaching packages cover broad areas of Earth science aimed at supporting STEM subject teaching generally, and highlighting career opportunities in Earth science and other STEM subjects.

GeoBus Aims

To support Earth Science teaching in secondary schools by providing resources that are not readily available to educators.

To inspire young learners by including new research outcomes in the teaching packages, which at times will be presented by researchers.

To provide a bridge between industry, HEIs, Research Councils, and schools to highlight career opportunities in geology specifically, and Earth sciences and STEM areas generally.

Secondary 1 and 2 attended three workshops: FUNdamentals of rocks, Earthquakes and buildings and Earthquakes and waves.
Secondary 3 and 4 attended: Fascinating fossils and Fluvial processes.



To follow the event the School’s STEM Club carried out a further activity.

The members completed a design challenge. The challenge was to construct the most economically viable building which could also withstand the challenges of an earthquake.
Thomas and Ieuan made an impressive building after the third attempt. Unfortunately it fell spectacularly.
The joint winners: Erynn and John creating a building with a volume of 3060 cm3 withstanding an earthquake for the longest time. Followed by Sonya and Mr Rose with a building of 3521 cm3 which remained standing for just a little less time, however it was very close.

Mrs Rose

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