Tuesday, 10 June 2014

AFYD / OTFA Junior Angling Competition

The Kirkwall Grammar pupils may not have been very lucky with the fishing conditions on 29th May, with very modest baskets of trout,  considering what the Kirbister Loch can have to offer on a good day… However, for the second round, on 5th June, the Stronsay Junior High pupils were not much luckier!
The weather looked promising, with a decent cloud cover and a gentle breeze from the S-E but the high water level made it very difficult for the youngsters fishing on the fly to reach the fish. The boys’ perseverance wasn’t rewarded, as only two fish were caught during the whole competition; Thomas and Ieuan both managed to hook a Kirbister brownie on bait, but which one was the biggest???
The weigh-in, which should have been a short affair with only 2 fish brought to the scales (!)  required a bit more deliberation than expected! Thomas’ fish weighed 5oz 5/8 while Ieuan’s seemed to indicate the same weight until it decided to push the scales to the 5oz ¾ mark!!! And Ieuan was crowned winner of the day! All competitors received prizes generously donated by W S Sinclair, Shearers and Stockans.

Many thanks to Jim Erskine and Andy Rose who assisted the youngsters
Mr P.

The final results of the AFYD / OTFA competition:


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