Friday, 23 May 2014

"Bridge Building" competition at Orkney College - May 14th, 2014

Orkney Bridge Building Competition!
"On the 14th of May 2014 Ieuan Evans, Charlie Williams, Erynn Stevenson and Sonya Goodram were chosen to take part in a bridge building competition at the Orkney College. We met up at the pier at 8:30 and waited for everyone to arrive. We got on the boat and had a boring trip (but lots of laughter).

We arrived in at 10:50 and got a taxi to The Orkney College. We went into the building and they started to explain the rules. After that we got started straight away because we already had our design so we didn’t need to plan it. We built our bridge as a team but were very slow at building. In the last ten minutes of building we had to rush to finish the bridge because at that moment we didn’t have a bridge to put in the competition.  In the middle of the day we were just building and all of a sudden we were interviewed and recorded and were on Radio Orkney. We were all ecstatic.

 Our bridge was done and we were ready to test how many bricks it could hold. We went outside to do the testing. Our bridge held 16 bricks and we were hoping that we had won. We went back inside to hear the results. Last place was Stromness,4th was KGS B, 3rd was KGS A. This is the moment we thought to ourselves if Sanday came second we would be first, we were trembling. That was when they sadly announced Stronsay was in second place. ( Unfortunately! ) Sandy came first place with 22 bricks. We were still proud because we beat our Stronsay team from last year. Haha in your face James and Thomas! ;-)

We had a fun trip back and were happy we went on this trip."

By Charlie and Erynn

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