Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Cooke Aquaculture funding

Cooke Aquaculture
On 2nd October 2019 two people from Cooke Aquaculture came to present us with a giant cheque of £3985. Their names were Sarah and Erlend. The money they gave us was to make our school a better, happier and friendlier place than it already is. Specifically to help create our friendship garden and outdoor learning space. The Pupil parliament came up with 5 main aims for the Friendship garden these are the aims:
To make the school a better place
And a happier place
To make more friendships
To discover and learn
Help the environment

The pupil parliament involves the whole primary (1-7). Steve helped us by giving us guidance for the learning space. He organized for Castlehill Construction to flatten the wild area to make room for the learning space. Also to try and get the waterfall working. We are very happy with what we have organized so far.
Mrs Groat, while the pupils were off school, applied an entry form for Cooke Aquaculture to present us with a cheque. So if she hadn’t done this, none of this would have happened.
So big thanks to Mrs Groat, Steve and Cooke Aquaculture.
We would like to say a big thank you to Cooke Aquaculture for their support.

By Millie, Dorothy, Sam and Melvin.

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