Friday, 22 March 2019

S1s - Adding and taking away decimals

Today we have been doing adding and taking away with decimals. Our task was to roll 8 dices, the point of this was to find out what our question would be. We also had to roll an adding and taking away die to find out if we were adding or taking away. After we did this we answered our question. 

Our learning intention was;
I am learning to use the formal method to solve addition and subtraction problems working with whole numbers and decimals fraction to three decimal places. 

We all believe that we achieved this. We think we achieved this because we all got all of our questions right.

Aimee- I really enjoyed doing this activity because we were not just working from a book. Doing it with the dice made it more fun.

Tony- I found it okay doing this piece of work and I got them all right.

Aiden- I found this activity pretty easy. I went all the way up to 8 decimal places. I would have gone higher but the calculator only went up to 5 decimal places.

We are now moving onto multiply and dividing decimals.  So far we have been told two different methods to find this out one is called the grid method and the other one is called the chimney method.

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