Friday, 28 September 2018

What's on this week (01/10/2018)

What’s On?
1–5 October

Monday, 1st Oct.
·       School photos
·       Carole Atkins (SALT) here
·       Penny Martin here
·       Steve away/Colin here

Tuesday, 2nd Oct.
·       STEM Club

           Wednesday, 3rd Oct.
·       V. Leslie here
·       Fluoride treatment
·       Pupil Parliament (Period 5)
·       Mr King away
·       Swim club

Thursday, 4th Oct.
·       LP and UP school trip Skara Brae/Theatre (S. Evans, Gaynor, W. Groat, Mr King away)
·       Kay Hume (Careers) visit
·       Swim club

Friday, 5th Oct.
·       Secondary school trip to Skara Brae (Mr King, J. Barber, Steve, P. Rose away)

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