Monday, 28 May 2018

Nursery transition at the Stronsay School

Our soon to be P1 children visited Lower Primary this week. We read the first part of 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes and planned a play session around this. Children could choose from role play, water play, playing with magnets, reading with puppets, creating a foil collage of Iron Man, or drawing and writing similes. The children reviewed their learning at the end of the session and we shared that they had created lots of stories, solved problems and invented new things. One pupil decided that Iron Man was too big to fit in their picture so they solved this problem by including him in pieces and created a story about how this had happened. Another decided that our dressing up clothes for Iron Man needed improving and invented arms and feet for the costume using scrap materials and foil. There was lots of inventing going on in this session including inventing tricks to do with magnets. In the water tray they were busy story creating; stories about how the Iron Man had been in the sea, how to rescue and heal him. Nursery also got to join us for the Daily Mile and were delighted to get over a thousand steps using our activity trackers. We had to say goodbye after lunch in school but we can't wait to have them visit again! S. Evans

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