Thursday, 16 November 2017

New Parliament coming soon!

The week of 13th to 17th November is Parliament week. This term Stronsay School are transitioning from having a pupil council to having a whole school Parliament. This means that all pupils from P1 to S4 will take a seat within the Parliament and will become part of one of four working groups. These working groups will work on a variety of different projects with the aim of giving everyone at Stronsay School, the opportunity to use their talents and voice; to be part of positive change in and around the school. The Parliament will ensure that all children have the opportunity to engage with the Health and Wellbeing experiences and outcomes below.


 Over the coming weeks through a variety of launch events, pupils will be given opportunities to learn more about the projects that will run between now and June and to develop action plans. This is an exciting opportunity for all staff and pupils to work together to enhance our leadership skills to the benefit of our learning community.   Mrs Groat

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