Thursday, 28 September 2017

Dental Hygiene Talk (27/09/2017)

S3 and S4 students were given the opportunity to explore the sugar content of the foods they eat. Prior to the visit by our dental hygienists Shona and Sharon, students were asked to fill in a food diary that recorded their food and drink intake over three days. During class students were then given the task of totalling their sugar intake for each of these three days, this was worked out as teaspoons of sugar per day. Once completed each student then transferred into a clear zip lock bag the number of teaspoons of sugar that they consumed for either one day or the total of their three days. It was very interesting to compare daily totals with the current recommended amount of 5 teaspoons of sugar per day. I think some of us got quite a shock! The final activity gave students the chance to test the acidity levels of popular carbonated drinks on the market and then link the high acid levels of such drinks to tooth decay. Hopefully we will all be looking after our teeth a little better from now on, including Mrs Barber.

Mrs B.

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