Friday, 3 February 2017

Sanday and Eday visit Stronsay... (NEW PHOTOS!!!)

When Room One visited they were really interested in the island's new playpark, they are doing parks as their topic this term.  It gave us a great excuse to go and play there but we also did some Geography and map work.

All the children got to go swimming after school whilst they waited for their ferry.


Room 2 and Eday's P6s spent the day with most of Upper Primary and prepared some great presentations to the class.  They also enjoyed playing Fun 5z netball together.  
Our visitors got to enjoy the pool after school too.

The rest of the Eday children spent some time with P4 and Lower Primary.  We got to go swimming together for PE (thank you Ms Elson!).  Later we planted seeds ready for a crop of vegetables in Eday's new poly tunnel and then in the afternoon we sorted food into the different groups and made healthy balanced plates.  After school the Eday children went to visit the playpark.

Even Eday nursery came to play too!  We have absolutely loved having all our visitors these past two weeks and are excited to see them again soon.


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