Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fun 5z netball

 Fun 5z netball

Over the winter, Stronsay Fun 5z team took part in the Netball Orkney league at the Pickaquoy Centre in Kirkwall. This involved several Saturday trips (including bad weather, illness and postponements along the way) by air and ferry. Thanks to funding from both the Olympic and Commonwealth Legacy Challenge Fund and from Stronsay Parent Council SOS sub-group, we were able to meet the travel and entry costs. Due to us being unable this year to meet the game regulations allowing only 2 boys on court, we were permitted to play but would not receive points or a final placing.

A big well done to the fantastic team (Philip Piper, Joshua Dawson, Elizabeth Miller, Mikey Stevenson and Aimee Stout) who did Stronsay proud, winning the majority of their games and showing great sportsmanship!   

M Dennison     



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