Friday, 19 December 2014

Science experiment (by the Upper Primary)

Science experiment report

This term our topic is food in Upper Primary. So far we have been looking up foods from different places in the world. We’ve also been looking at labels on food packaging and learning about nutrition and the human body. For homework we each got given a food area like fat and vitamins. Then we had to make a poster about it.
On Wednesday 3rd December we went into Mrs Rose’s science lab. We were doing a science experiment on how many calories are in the food.
Mrs Rose, who is our science teacher, kindly let us into her science lab to burn some food for our food topic. She told us what we needed to get and lots of other stuff. She gave us safety instructions like how to light the Bunsen burner. We burnt 3 types of food (e.g. spaghetti, prawn crackers etc.) to find out how much energy was in the food. We burnt the food to see how much the temperature of the water in the test tube rose. We recorded it on our result tables to find out what food had the most energy.
The burning food made a lot of smoke which set off the fire alarm twice in five minutes. We didn’t get our final results properly because of the fire alarm going off.
We thought it was fun and we learned how to measure energy in calories without using the label. We learned how to set up and use equipment safely.
We would like to thank Mrs Rose for letting us use the science lab.


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