Friday, 15 November 2019

What's on this week (18/11/2019)

What’s On?

18–22 Nov.

Monday, 18 Nov.
·         Mr King away
·         Auxiliary posts start
·         Football club

Tuesday, 19 Nov.
·         S. Evans LO, period 2
·         STEM Club

Wednesday, 20 Nov.
·         Mr King away

Thursday, 21 Nov.
·         Harry Josephine Giles, author in residence here
·         W. Duncan away

Friday, 22 Nov.
·         Harry Josephine Giles here

Secondary topics - Term 2

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Sponsored Walk (26/06/2019}

During the summer term pupils in Secondary One to Four at Stronsay Junior High School organised and completed a sponsored walk. The initial idea for fundraising was to support mental health charities and suicide prevention. After some research the pupils decided that they would like to support The Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent institute (RSABI) and the Fishermen’s Mission, as these two charities support the local industries in our island community. The final total for donations was £282 which has been split equally between their two chosen charities, On 4th November David Sinclair, from The Fishermen’s Mission visited the school to collect the cheque and to speak to the secondary parliament about his role within the charity. A cheque has also been sent to RSABI. The Secondary parliament would like to thank everyone who supported them and helped them to raise funds and awareness of these two charities.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

What's on this week (11/11/2019)

11–15 Nov.
Monday, 11 Nov.
·         Imogen here
·         Orkney Photographic here
·         Remembrance Day 10.50
Tuesday, 12 Nov.
·         Lee Anne Gray here
·         Non-teaching staff meeting  10.25
Wednesday, 13 Nov.
·         Catherine Johnson here
·         Mr King away
·         Staff meeting

Thursday, 14 Nov.
·         S. Evans away (C. Knox to cover periods 1–6)

Friday, 15 Nov.
·         C. Knox covering LP all day
·                                                  Parent Council meeting  1.30

Friday, 8 November 2019

Lighting up Red for Remembrance

Dear all,

We are lighting up the school red this year to show our support for the Scottish Poppy Appeal.  To find out more please visit:

Many thanks go to those who helped for making this happen for us!

The primary children have also been busy making poppy lanterns for display in the school and Kirk windows.  These will be lit on Sunday night 10th November and, if battery life allows, Monday night 11th November.

Kind regards,

Sarah Evans

Friday, 1 November 2019

What's this week (04/11/2019)

What’s On?

4–8 Nov.

Monday, 4 Nov.
·         P. Rose away
·         David Sinclair (Fisherman’s Mission) here
·         Wee Sleep Out workshops

Tuesday, 5 Nov.
      ·         STEM club starts
      ·         Staff meeting

Wednesday, 6 Nov.
      ·         Mr King away

Thursday, 7 Nov.
      ·         Mr King away

Friday, 8 Nov.
            ·         Mr King away

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Cooke Aquaculture funding

Cooke Aquaculture
On 2nd October 2019 two people from Cooke Aquaculture came to present us with a giant cheque of £3985. Their names were Sarah and Erlend. The money they gave us was to make our school a better, happier and friendlier place than it already is. Specifically to help create our friendship garden and outdoor learning space. The Pupil parliament came up with 5 main aims for the Friendship garden these are the aims:
To make the school a better place
And a happier place
To make more friendships
To discover and learn
Help the environment

The pupil parliament involves the whole primary (1-7). Steve helped us by giving us guidance for the learning space. He organized for Castlehill Construction to flatten the wild area to make room for the learning space. Also to try and get the waterfall working. We are very happy with what we have organized so far.
Mrs Groat, while the pupils were off school, applied an entry form for Cooke Aquaculture to present us with a cheque. So if she hadn’t done this, none of this would have happened.
So big thanks to Mrs Groat, Steve and Cooke Aquaculture.
We would like to say a big thank you to Cooke Aquaculture for their support.

By Millie, Dorothy, Sam and Melvin.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Additional in-service days: 12th February & 2nd June 2020

Additional in-service days have been agreed by the SNCT to be held during this academic year (2019-20) to allow schools time to focus on key issues such as workload, additional support and empowering schools. 
We would like to remind school users that  during these two extra in-service days (Wednesday, 12th February  and Tuesday,2nd June  2020), the Stronsay School will be opened to staff but closed to pupils.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Stronsay Science Festival Workshops 2019

Stronsay Science Festival Workshops 2019

Monday 9th September Activities:
Dr Alex MacKinnon from Glasgow University delivered a Radiation in Space workshop to the S4 Physic pupils and a shortened version to the remaining Secondary and Primary pupils. Dr MacKinnon explained how Scotland and its history of innovative scientific discovery were pivotal in understanding the way partials behave. CTR Wilson’s invention of the cloud chamber made the subatomic world visible by displaying particle tracks of condensation. Telling the story of the first Scottish Nobel Prize winner in Physics, born 150 years ago, and how his particular mix of interests remains topical in current research on cosmic radiation and climate.
Dr Mackinnon demonstrated radioactive decay using a Thermoelectric Cloud Chamber containing a Thoriated tungsten rod (2%) in which Thorium is used as an Alpha emitter showing the primary tracks due to alpha particles. It also showed the occasional Beta track seen due to the daughter nuclei of previous decays. 


Dr Bill Graham who worked within the Engineering Research Industry for many years developing new materials for the Aerospace industry delivered a workshop entitled ‘DNA to Butterflies’ in which Secondary student explored the role and importance of communication through modelling DNA.   
The pupils worked in pairs to build a model of DNA which acted as instructions for a computer aided design program to develop a unique Butterfly. The computer program developed by Mr Graham then printed the unique butterfly using a 3D printer which he brought to the school to show the pupils. The workshop demonstrated how science and technology teams effectively communicate and work together to develop and deliver new innovations within the Scientific and Engineering community.

Wednesday 11th September Activities:
Dr Dave Craig a former Research Production Engineer, whom as part of his engineering career was an instrumental part of the Engineering team which developed and manufactured the Typhoon Fighter Jet cockpit display unit. Dr Graig now works with schools and YESC (Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland) delivered two workshops for the secondary pupils:

The Secondary pupils in S4 participated in the Radiation Workshop delivered by Dr Dave Craig in association with CERN@school a programme designed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers by offering access to CERN technology.
In which Students carry out their own research projects using detectors provided by the Institute for Research in Schools.  During this workshop we investigated and collected data relating to Ionising Radiation. The pupils had opportunity to use a MX-10 detector (Particle detector) to compare and measure alpha, beta and gamma radiation emitted from different sources such as background radiation,’ LoSalt’, Normal table salt, a charged balloon and various mobile devices . 

The Secondary pupils in S1 –S3 participated in the ‘The Energy Quest Challenge’  the aim of the challenge is to encourages young people to find out all about sustainable energy and learn about associated engineering careers. Within this workshop the pupils built; using a range of electrical components an electrically charged car. Using a multi-meter to record the voltage output the challenge was to investigate the charge voltage needed to get the car to stop at the target distance through graphing and analysing the results over different distances. The pupils really rose to the challenge of getting their vehicle to travel exactly 10 meters, no more or no less! 

Instrumental course in Kirkwall

Instrumental course in Kirkwall by Sam and Liam:

Maths poster competition

Well done to Dorothy who has won a national competition to design a poster advertising and celebrating the 20th birthday of the Primary Maths Challenge!

Friday, 4 October 2019

What's on this week (7/10/2019)

7–11 Oct.

Monday, 7 Oct.
·         David Sinclair (Fishermen’s Mission) here

Tuesday, 8 Oct.
·         Mr King away

Wednesday, 9 Oct.
·         Mr King away
·         P. Rose away

Thursday, 10 Oct.

·         Yvonne Scott (JRSO) here
·         Non-teaching staff meeting

Friday, 11 Oct.

·         Sheena away
·         School Nurses here
·         Harvest Instrumental assembly (not public) 1.45
·         End of Term 1!!