Wednesday, 20 September 2017

P7-S1 Birsay Trip photos (Aug.2017)

SOS car wash fund raiser

SOS held a car wash on Saturday to raise funds for the school. It was great to see the island supporting the school as well as lots of shiny cars driving around the isle! Thanks to the SOS members that helped run the event, all those that provided fancies to eat whilst customers waited, those brave souls that allowed people to throw wet sponges at them (Mrs Rose was the storm trooper!), the children who seemed to get wetter than the cars and last but not least our generous customers! We raised £156.00!


Parent Letter - Secondary topics - Term 1 (Sept.2017)

Upper Primary Parent Letter - Term 1 ( Sept. 2017)

Ancient Egypt Topic (LP & UP)

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Lower Primary holiday activities

Lower Primary have been talking and writing about their summer holidays.  They have collected some information in a table that I thought would be rather nice to share.  It was great to hear that they had been making the most of where we live with lots of swimming, fishing and even some kayaking!
(Class photo to follow shortly...)

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Quilting adult learning class at the Stronsay School

The school has supported us by letting us use the school for the last 8 weeks and we have produced many items as you can see. The Stronsay Development Trust have funded the Adult Learning Class and the Stronsay Parent Council applied for the funding. It has been a huge success and enjoyed by all who have attended.