Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Health & Wellbeing targets

As you may be aware, each year across the school there are usually whole school targets set in Health and Wellbeing. These always have a specific focus and may cover the period of a school year or be for a longer period of eighteen months. In the past we have focused on: pupil resilience, taking responsibility for your own learning and taking part in physical activity on a daily basis.

This year’s focus is “Contributing to your Class, School and Community”. With this in mind all pupils will set an individual target related to this, for example many pupils in S1 and 2 have related their targets to Pupil Parliament and taking on roles within this context. However there are obviously many other opportunities to contribute, which occur on a daily basis around the school. The coming week (Week beginning 12th November) is the promotion of our health and wellbeing targets and a board will be created in the porch to allow us to share how our pupils are successfully contributing to their classes, school and community.

Staff will use any opportunities that arise to talk to the pupils about their contributions and to flag up areas where they have given a valuable contribution. We would also like to invite the community to share in this and give us examples of ways in which they have seen our pupils contributing to the community of Stronsay; you can leave comments on this post. It is hoped that the board in the porch will grow in the coming terms with photos and pieces of work highlighting the pupils’ positive contributions to class, school and community.

Armistice Centenary commemoration at the Stronsay Kirk

A big thank you to Roger for those great photos!

Armistice Centenary commemoration

Here are a couple of photos from last Sunday. Dan and Lilly in P7 had the honour of laying the poppy wreath at the Stronsay War Memorial on behalf of the school, doing so very respectfully on this special centenary.



Friday, 9 November 2018

Northlink Competition

Congratulations to Melvin Holland in P6, runner-up in a recent writing competition run by Northlink Ferries. P6/7 pupils in Orkney and Shetland were asked to write '5 Reasons why Orkney is Great'. He received a fantastic goody bag for his efforts. Very well done, Melvin!

5 Reasons why Orkney is Great!
1. Eyecatching Landmarks: There are loads of eye-catching landmarks
in Orkney that you must not miss! Such as Maeshowe or Skara Brae
(Mainland), Vat of Kirbuster (Stronsay), Knap of Howar (Papa
Westray) or Vinquoy Cairn (Eday). There is also the North
Ronaldsay Lighthouse (North Ronaldsay).

2. Astounding beaches: The beaches in Orkney are incredible! There is
St Catherine’s Bay (Stronsay), Bay of London (Eday) and Rackwick
Bay (Hoy). A bit further out to sea is where the great Orkney
fishermen catch our 5-star seafood!

3. Lush Orkney food: As well as seafood we have clapshot (neep and
tattie/potato mixed). We also have crazily succulent Orkney fudge
which is too yummy not to buy while you are visiting Orkney! Same
with creamy Orkney ice-cream. Here are my top three flavours:
Peach Melba, Orkney fudge and toffee and Lemon curd!

4. Lovely nature: If you are visiting Orkney to do some nature spotting
the best places in Orkney are: Castle o’Burrian (Westray) where you
can see puffins. In Stronsay (where I live) we have our own top
notch bird expert, John Holloway! Also Lamb Head and Vat of
Kirbuster (Stronsay) are great places to spot nature! Hoy if you like
snow and climbing huge hills and mountains – Hoy is a splendid place
for that!

5. Pickaquoy Centre and Ferries: We have a great leisure and sports
centre on the Mainland where you can swim, climb, compete in
athletics and other amazing activities! Also the ferries are amazing.
We have Varagen, Earl Thorfinn and Earl Sigurd which travel to
Kirkwall, Eday, Stronsay, Sanday and Westray. My dad does J
Holland Haulage so he uses them a lot! There are the Hrossey,
Hamnavoe and Hjaltland (pronounced yatland). The Hamnavoe goes
from Stromness to Scrabster and the Hjaltland and Hrossey go
from Kirkwall to Aberdeen to Kirkwall to Lerwick (Shetland) and

back to Kirkwall.


What's on this week (12/11/2018)

Monday, 12th Nov.

·       S. Evans away (course)

·       V. Leslie here

·       Secondary Interim Reports in

Tuesday, 13th  Nov.

·      S. Evans away (course)

·       V. Leslie here

·       Film Club (114 min.)

 Wednesday, 14th  Nov.

·       Primary teachers off timetable

·       V. Leslie here

·       Steve Bunning here

·       Screen Machine for primary (10–noon)

·       Swim club

Thursday, 15th Nov.

·       Promotion of Health and Wellbeing targets

·       Swim club

Friday, 16th Nov.

·       Children in Need activities

·       Harvest Assembly (morning)

Friday, 2 November 2018

What's on this week (5/11/2018)

Monday, 5th Nov.

·       D. Blyth away

·       Kevin Shearer (IT) here

·       Carol Atkins (SALT)

 Tuesday, 6th  Nov.

·       Non-Teaching Staff meeting 9-10

·       Marion’s tutor here in Nursery

·       STEM Club

Wednesday, 7th  Nov.

·       Mr King away

·       V. Leslie here

·       Pupil Parliament, Period 5

·       Swim club

Thursday, 8th Nov.

·       Mr King away

·       Swim club

Friday, 12th Nov.

·       Mr King away

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

What's on this week (29/10/2018)

Monday, 29th  Oct.

·       In-service

 Tuesday, 30th  Oct.

·       In-service

Wednesday, 31st  Oct.

·       Term 3 starts

·       Swim club

 Thursday, 1st Nov.

·       Swim club

 Friday, 2nd Nov.

Friday, 5 October 2018

What's on this week (8/10/2018)

What’s On?
8–12 October

Monday, 8th  Oct.
·       Penny Martin here
·       Yvonne away/Marion here

Tuesday, 9th  Oct.
·       Steve Bunning here
·       Sheena away
·       Film Club—93 min.(approx.)

Wednesday, 10th  Oct.
·       Imogen Kerr here
·       Sheena away
·       V. Leslie here
·       Shoebox collection finished
·       Swim club

Thursday, 11th Oct.
·       Catherine Johnson here
·       Swim club

Friday, 12th Oct.
·       Term 1 ends
October Holidays: 13–30 October, Staff In-service 29 & 30. Term 2 starts Wednesday, 31 October

Monday, 29th  Oct.
·       In-service

Tuesday, 30th  Oct.
·       In-service

Wednesday, 31st  Oct.
·       Term 3 starts
·       Swim club

Friday, 28 September 2018

What's on this week (01/10/2018)

What’s On?
1–5 October

Monday, 1st Oct.
·       School photos
·       Carole Atkins (SALT) here
·       Penny Martin here
·       Steve away/Colin here

Tuesday, 2nd Oct.
·       STEM Club

           Wednesday, 3rd Oct.
·       V. Leslie here
·       Fluoride treatment
·       Pupil Parliament (Period 5)
·       Mr King away
·       Swim club

Thursday, 4th Oct.
·       LP and UP school trip Skara Brae/Theatre (S. Evans, Gaynor, W. Groat, Mr King away)
·       Kay Hume (Careers) visit
·       Swim club

Friday, 5th Oct.
·       Secondary school trip to Skara Brae (Mr King, J. Barber, Steve, P. Rose away)

Monday, 24 September 2018

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Shoe box appeal

What's on this week (24/09/2018)

What’s On?
24-28 September

Monday, 24th  Sept.
·       S. Evans away
·       V. Leslie here

Tuesday, 25th Sept.
·       W. Groat and M. Dennison away
·       V. Leslie here
·       Steve Bunning here
·       Film Club

Wednesday, 26th Sept.
·       V. Leslie here
·       D. Blyth away
·       Swim club

Thursday, 27th Sept.
·       D. Blyth away
·       Swim club

Friday, 28th Sept.
·      Mr King away 

Monday, 17 September 2018

What's on this week (17th - 21st Sept.)

What's on this week (17th - 21st Sept.)

Monday, 17th  Sept.
·       Mr King away (P. Rose acting up)
Tuesday, 18th Sept.
·       JMK away as Sports Ambassador (back Thurs. morn.)
·       STEM Club
Wednesday, 19th Sept.
·       V. Leslie here
·       Lower Primary trip to Skara Brae (Cancelled) (S. Evans, Gaynor and Mr King away)
·       SQA Susan Gibbs here
·       No swim club

Thursday, 20th Sept.
·       Upper Primary trip to Skara Brae (Cancelled) ( W. Groat, Steve and Mr King away)
·       D. Blyth away
·       No swim club
·       Parent Council Meeting
Friday, 21st Sept.
·       Secondary trip to Skara Brae (Cancelled)(P. Rose, Steve, J. Barber and Mr King away)
·       D. Blyth away

Friday, 22 June 2018

The Wizard of Oz (Pupil report and slideshow)

The Wizard of Oz

The nursery and primary pupils and the staff of Stronsay school recently put on a production of “The Wizard of Oz”.  They have been working very hard on it for over four months as their primary class project.  The show took place on Saturday 2nd of June 2018 at 6 pm in the school hall.  Over one hundred people were present in the audience.
Way back in January the primary pupils all watched the film version of Wizard of Oz, and they loved it.  After that they all read through the script which helped them all to decide which parts they would like.  All of the pupils auditioned for at least two parts. The teachers watched the audition tapes and allocated roles.
After that they repeatedly rehearsed their lines and they practised getting into character. They also practised the songs and chose the lines where the characters sang their solos. Meanwhile Gaynor, Barbara and Mrs Evans started making costumes and props. The cast and teachers worked on improving the script. The three new pupils that arrived (The Dailys) were given roles at the last minute. They worked very hard, doing a perfect job!
Lots of staff and visitors helped put the show together and to make it happen. As the day got nearer the pupils put together three long to do lists. Some people set up the stage, painted the scenery and made some final touches to costumes and props. Soon it was the dress rehearsal which the secondaries and teachers seemed to enjoy. The next day it was the real performance which some people found nerve-racking but most found exciting. After all the hard work, everyone felt proud and a sense of achievement. The show was very well received. Thanks to everyone for coming to support the show and SOS. It has created many lasting memories!!
One of the funny moments was when the Wicked Witch of the West (Lilly) threw her burning torch at the Scarecrow (Melvin) but it accidentally landed in Dorothy's basket. The second funny moment was when the witch wailed, "I'm still melting!" as she was waiting for the music to stop! Another little mistake which was amusing was when Dorothy (Millie) went to oil the Tin Man (Sam) but could not find the can so decided to mime. Lion (Wilbur) came to the rescue with the real prop! Also, in the dress rehearsal, Lion had a bit of a bad mane day and threw it off stage.

By P4-7 pupils